Hello World


I’ve been a visual designer for more than a decade. Like many designers, I have an acute attention to detail. I often find myself staring at various works, analyzing design decisions — colors, typography, space, composition, textures, materials — immersed in thought, taking mental notes about what works and why and what could be improved upon.

This compulsion extends beyond scrutinizing mobile app designs, icons, logos, or advertisements. I examine every type of signage — directional, informational, commercial. When a manufacturer makes a subtle change to a product’s packaging, I notice. On my shaving cream. Burger wrapper. Coffee cup. Livery.

I also study systems. What processes are being used, and how could it be more efficient? What technologies might be applied?

Outside the exclusive L’art pour l’art realm, I believe basic design principles transcend style and motif. As a communication piece, a work must convey information to an audience. Information should be hierarchical, legible, and intuitive. In short, form follows function.

I’m a fan of the Bauhaus movement, whose early students re-imagined design. One of most illustrative examples of the Bauhaus school of thought is the retake of the door knob, which had been used for thousands of years, into a door handle. A simple yet profound improvement transforms the user experience dramatically.

This blog is about design. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and observations to make the world a little better than I found it.